Cuisine with a smile

The City Sun

"This immaculate little neighborhood restaurant serves food that is delicious and oddly familiar"


"It is cozy and incredibly mellow, and the hearty food is the kind that makes you want to sit back and tell Mom your problems."

Tara George, The Daily News

"Joloff offers great Senegalese cuisine, and service by a staff which you can easily tell takes pride in their cuisine... all at an affordable price!"
Los Angeles
"Delicious food full of new flavors to explore They gave me three choices for rice, white, brown, and something else. Be sure to choose the "something else,"
Eric S.
Brooklyn NY
"My friend and I tried this place out for lunch. The beignets were surprisingly tasty. They have plenty of vegetarian options. The okra and tofu was fantastic. I would definitely go back."
Lisa L.
Brooklyn NY

a perfect & happy place
for a family vacation

"Going to Joloff is like going home -- even if you're not from Senegal"
Daily News
"Yum - Senegalese comfort food. This is one of my go-to places in the neighborhood when I didn't make dinner plans, or if I have out of town guests. Mafe tofu (PB sauce, yes please!) is my fave among several vegetarian options. The prices are very reasonable. Not the fastest service, but friendly"
Mary V., Brooklyn NY

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